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Welcome to AMAN Undertaker

A bereavement requires compassion, help and support

Dear visitor,

a bereavement in your family and thus the loss of a loved one is always a painful event in the lives of those left behind and we would like to hereby express our condolences and offer help.

The pain of losing a family member often prevents clear thinking and yet always short-term decisions, the rapid completion of numerous formalities connected along time-consuming processes are required of the bereaved.

We are here to help and support you

Our goal is to stand by you as the bereaved in all respects so that the deceased can be buried at the desired location in a respectful manner and in accordance with Islamic traditions and rituals.

AMAN Undertaker performs international burials and can take on the transport of the deceased by plane or car to the funeral in the desired homeland.

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What to do in case of a decease?

Much needs to be done when someone close has died and our most important task is to help you.

We have put together a list showing you what needs to be done in the case of death and what documents are required to initiate the necessary certifications at the registry office and possibly also at the consulates or embassies. If documents are missing, we can help you obtain these.

What to do in bereavement?

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